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Lonnie Hamilton was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:36 P.M . Ten months later, on a January afternoon, Ham sat slumped in a chair in his lawyers office, in the Bronx. They say what dont kill you will make you stronger. I dont know if this is making me stronger, but I surely feel like Im dead, he said. He is a large, heavyset manI might weigh as much as a Priusbut he showed none of the strength one might associate with a person that size. His eyes were red from crying. Four months had passed since he had gone to a prison cemetery to claim his sons body. But he still appeared to be in a state of shock and confusion. To see him come out of the earth without seeing him go down? he said.

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A three-judge military court convicted Azaria of manslaughter last month, a crime that carries a maximum 20-year term. Prosecutors had asked for a three-to-five year sentence, noting ชุดเครื่องนอน 3 ฟุต the soldier had shot an assailant who had carried out an attack only minutes earlier. Passing an 18-month sentence, the court said Azaria had "taken upon himself to be both judge and executioner" and had not expressed regret for his crime. But it said it was passing a lighter sentence than requested partly because it had been Azaria's first combat experience and his record had been unblemished up until then. "They are laughing at us," Ashareef's father, Yusri, told Reuters after the sentence was announced. The Palestinian government said the decision gave Israeli soldiers a "green light" to carry out "executions" without fear of real punishment. "HE DESERVES TO DIE" It seemed unlikely that the sentence would lead to any significant outbreak of anti-Israeli violence, which has largely waned since a flurry of street attacks that began in October 2015. Palestinians have long accused Israel of using excessive force against lightly armed attackers, and harbor few expectations soldiers will be held accountable. At his trial, Azaria said he believed the Palestinian, though motionless, still posed a danger because his knife was nearby, and that he might have been carrying explosives. "He deserves to die," Azaria was quoted in the verdict as telling another soldier after pulling the trigger. It was not immediately clear if Azaria's lawyers, one of whom described the sentence as light in remarks to reporters, would opt to appeal.

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